Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are an important addition to the skincare journey. A combination of ingredients are applied to the skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells and improve skin texture, pigment, acne, and acne scarring. We have a variety of different strengths and formulations to give you the best outcome for your concerns. We recommend a series of 3-6 peels per year.

VI Peel Treatments:
Medium Depth, Powerhouse Peels

VI Peel is a medical-grade, medium depth chemical peel that comes five different formulas to target a variety of skin concerns. They work by promoting rapid cell turnover and stimulating collagen, leaving you with even, bright-looking skin! Our aesthetic treatments start with a consultation, assessing your individual skin type and habits. After consulting, our providers will recommend the VI Peel formula that will give you the best results. VI Peels are safe for most skin types and ethnicities and must be administered by a professional.

Treats the Appearance of

VI Peel Formulas


for tone and texture


for aging skin and collagen stimulation

Precision Plus

for skin discoloration


for active acne and oily skin

Body peels

back, chest, arms, and legs

SkinMedica Peels:
Renew. Reset. Repeat.

Help your complexion appear more uniform and renewed with SkinMedica’s superficial peels. SkinMedica offers three formulas, designed to target mild to moderate skin concerns ranging from minimal to moderate downtime. Use these peels on their own or pair them with a DiamondGlow treatment for maximum exfoliation and results. 

Treats the Appearance of

SkinMedica Peel Formulas


A gentle brightening exfoliating treatment with zero downtime


A medium restorative exfoliating treatment with minimal downtime


A stronger corrective exfoliating treatment with moderate downtime

Downtime & Results

Depending on the peel formula, patients can expect mild to moderate peeling lasting up to 10 days post-peel. It’s advised to stay out of the sun immediately following treatment and for up to one-month post-treatment.

The results are immediate after the peeling has subsided. For optimal results, a series of 3-6 chemical peels may be recommended.