Soul Aesthetics in Tulsa is proud to offer Kybella, an FDA-approved injection that destroys fat cells and improves the appearance of double chins. Common questions about Kybella include what results can be expected, how long it takes to see those results, whether there are any risks involved, and more. Soul Aesthetics’ team of professionals will help you understand all aspects of Kybella treatments so that you can make the best decision for your needs. We invite you to read through our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Kybella below. If you have any additional questions or would like to set up a consultation with Soul Aesthetics in Tulsa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

FAQs about Kybella:

Q: What is submental fullness?

A: Submental fullness, also known as a double chin or submental fat, is a common aesthetic concern. Submental fullness occurs when fat accumulates underneath the chin resulting in a sagging jawline and an overall aged appearance. Fortunately, there are several treatments available for reducing submental fullness. These treatments range from simple lifestyle changes to more invasive procedures such as liposuction and Kybella injections.

Q: What causes submental fullness?

A: Submental fullness is caused by several factors. Age-related skin laxity can be one major cause that leads to the appearance of submental fullness. In addition, genetics can also be a significant factor in determining facial shape and contour. Finally, poor diet and lifestyle habits, such as lack of physical activity or being overweight, can contribute to submental fullness. However, regardless of the primary contributor, the result is usually an area beneath the chin where fat accumulates and appears as an unwanted double chin.

Q: What does a Kybella appointment look like?

A: A Kybella appointment at Soul Aesthetics starts with a consultation. During this time, you will discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure with our medical team. Next, we will provide information on the effects of Kybella and help you decide if it is right for you. Once you have decided on treatment, we will create an individualized plan that fits your specific needs.

Next, the area to be treated will be marked off, and then a numbing cream may be applied to minimize any discomfort during injection. The Kybella solution is then carefully injected into several points beneath the chin. Treatment sessions typically take about 15 minutes, and most patients experience very little discomfort during injection. Following treatment, Soul Aesthetics’ medical team will provide information on post-treatment care and monitor your progress to ensure you see the desired results.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: The amount of time it takes to see the results of Kybella treatments can vary depending on a few factors. Generally, patients can expect to start seeing results within 4–6 weeks after their first treatment. The full impact of Kybella typically appears 3–4 months after the last treatment session. After this stage, some patients may find that they need one or two additional touch-up sessions to maintain their desired aesthetic outcome. Therefore, it is essential to follow up with your provider after each injection session and attend all scheduled appointments for optimal results.

Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment that can reduce the appearance of a double chin. The injectable contains deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps break down fat cells when injected into the area under your chin. Kybella works by destroying fat cells beneath the skin, helping to reduce the size and appearance of a double chin. The results from Kybella are considered permanent because once those fat cells have been destroyed, they cannot regenerate or store fat again.

Q: Is Kybella safe?

A: Yes! Soul Aesthetics only uses approved FDA products for safety and efficacy. Kybella is specifically designed to treat submental fullness and has been proven clinically safe when used as directed by a Soul Aesthetics specialist. Before receiving treatment with Kybella, it’s essential for patients to discuss any allergies or medical conditions they may have that could interfere with the procedure’s safety. Additionally, pregnant women should not receive Kybella treatments as safety outcomes related to this population have not been studied.

Q: What are the side effects of this treatment?

A: Kybella has some common side effects, including swelling, bruising, redness, numbness, and hardness at the injection site. In rare cases, more severe side effects such as nerve injury and deep infection may occur. It is important to note that Kybella should not be injected into areas other than the submental fullness area. If administered elsewhere in the body, it can cause serious health risks.

Q: Is treatment with Kybella painful?

A: Kybella injections can cause discomfort, but it is generally considered to be well tolerated by most patients. It is important to note that the pain level experienced varies from person to person, depending on their individual pain threshold and tolerance. However, most patients describe it as a mild to moderate pinching or stinging sensation at the injection site. A topical numbing cream may be applied prior to treatment for those who are particularly sensitive or anxious about any possible discomfort. Additionally, if needed, ice packs can be used directly after the treatment session for further relief.

Q: How much does this treatment cost?

A: The cost of Kybella treatments varies depending on the size and location of the area being treated, as well as the number of treatments required. Soul Aesthetics offers free consultations, so please contact us to find out how much your treatments will cost.

We hope these frequently asked questions will help guide you as you embark on your Kybella journey with Soul Aesthetics. Our team is more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your aesthetic needs. To learn more about Soul Aesthetics’ Kybella services and FAQs, visit our website today or call us at 918.779.7590! We look forward to helping you feel your best!

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